Degree Film

The Making of 'Haunted'

Exhibition, Blackburn Cathedral - 25th May 2016

Film Description

‘Haunted’ is a powerful stop motion animation highlighting the feelings of fear and isolation which are sometimes experienced by people living with dementia. The animation was completed for my final major project whilst studying a BA (Hon) Illustration and Animation Degree.

Making the connection between being haunted and having dementia isn’t that far removed, the horrifying experience of seeing a stranger’s face looking back at you through the mirror is a terrifying one.

The animation starts with the impression of an elderly man being haunted, he is confused when his dressing gown moves to the other side of the room because he is unable to remember that he has moved it himself fifteen minutes earlier. The grandfather's clock displays a time difference of fifteen minutes after the man is distracted by the door opening.

Mirrored-self misidentification is a common condition associated with the illness and this is highlighted in the film. The man is confronted by a strangers face in the mirror, he then looks up and notices family photos on the wall these reveal that he is seeing and remembering his younger self. The viewer then understands that the manor house is in fact a nursing home for the elderly.

The film is very emotional however, I really wanted people to understand that dementia isn't just a person suffering from memory problems, it’s more than that. It’s an illness which as a massive impact on a person’s mental health and well being. I really hope that the film translates the vulnerability of the elderly man’s situation and that the viewer gains a greater understanding of the impact that dementia has on someone's life.

Feedback from Dementia UK

''I personally watched your movie and I found it incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing it with Dementia UK. I would strongly suggest that you keep an eye on our website for job positions in communications; we are always looking for passionate people like you to work within our charity''.

Chiara Soletti

Office Administrator and HR

Dementia UK


We are happy to inform you that the movie that you submitted "Haunted", has won a Special Mention in Animation category at First Step Film Fest #3. We want to congratulate you and the crew of the movie. Best wishes, FSFF TEAM